Self-Directed Learning

This section of the COSSAP Online Learning Center offers self-directed training for practitioners who are engaged in efforts to combat the opioid, stimulant, and substance use epidemic. These trainings serve as virtual opportunities to learn at one’s own pace, at a time that is most convenient for individuals with varying and sometimes unpredictable schedules. The online curricula presented here promote knowledge, encourage participants to adopt and customize best practice program implementation and enhancement, and serve practitioners in different fields of specialization.

Self-Directed Learning Courses

Effective Integration of Peer Recovery
Support Services Training Series:
A Course for Program Administrators

As peer practitioners move into a variety of roles in the criminal justice system, programs need to carefully plan and prepare to integrate peer recovery support services (PRSS) into their portfolio of services. This course offers ways to think about adopting and integrating PRSS into criminal justice settings, by identifying essential elements of comprehensive programs, essential integration processes, key program design factors, and drivers of success. While the core elements remain the same, PRSS programs will vary from intercept to intercept and site to site; this course will help you to develop the best program for your context and setting.

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The Deflection Conversation Framework:
A Community Engagement Tool for
First Responders

Deflection is an upstream preventative approach to addressing issues related to addiction, including drug-related crime, without the need to wait for an overdose, a crisis, or an arrest. Beginning over the last decade, deflection initiatives have been increasingly implemented nationwide to connect people with substance use disorders (SUDs) to community-based treatment and services. This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of effective communication strategies for deflection. In this course, you will learn about the science of addiction, how drug treatment works, and that recovery from substance use is possible. You will also learn approaches for building strong community partnerships and practical, evidence-based strategies for engaging individuals struggling with SUDs.

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