Columbus & Franklin County Addiction Plan: Virtual Site Visit to
Franklin County, Ohio

Medication-Assisted Treatment Program: A Collaborative Approach in
Franklin County

The Franklin County Municipal Court Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program was established in July 2018 and is a voluntary program for individuals on probation (or those who will be on probation). MAT is used as an integral part of the Franklin County Municipal Court’s process, and a clinic is located inside the courthouse. Since the time of filming this virtual tour, the MAT program has expanded and is now known as the MAT Assessment, Research, Care, and Hope (MARCH) program.

"No two people are the same, so each client has different needs. It’s very important that we have a pool of resources that we can use to make sure that we’re getting the proper treatment for each person."

—Nicole Jenkins, Court Coordinator, MAT Program, Franklin County Municipal Court

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