Columbus & Franklin County Addiction Plan: Virtual Site Visit to
Franklin County, Ohio

The Power of HOPE and ODMAP in Franklin County: Supporting Recovery, Saving Lives, Improving Public Safety

The Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education (HOPE) Task Force uses enforcement, education, and prevention to combat the heroin epidemic. Detectives treat opiate overdose scenes as crime scenes and investigate the source of the supply of drugs that caused an overdose. The HOPE Task Force collaborates with community providers and organizations to refer those with substance use disorders to treatment.

In January 2018, the Franklin County Coroner’s Office began using the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) to help identify real-time overdose trends and hot spots. Previously, Whitehall’s firefighters and paramedics were trained on the same system to track fatal and nonfatal overdoses. Now, the HOPE Task Force also uses ODMAP, enabling the ability to pinpoint where a significant number of the overdoses have taken place, deconflict cases, and share information with other jurisdictions in near-real time.

"People will see us, say, ‘Hey, you guys are part of the HOPE Task Force.’. . .I think we’ve been able to kind of bridge some of that gap between law enforcement and these people that have the addiction, that are suffering out there in the community. . .They feel, ‘Hey, I can talk to him.’"

—Sergeant Brian Toth, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

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