Columbus & Franklin County Addiction Plan: Virtual Site Visit to
Franklin County, Ohio

Sequential Intercept Mapping Process: Bringing Everyone to the Table

Sequential intercept mapping is a cross-system exercise to identify potential opportunities to divert people with mental illness and substance use disorders from the criminal justice system to treatment at five intercept points, from pre-arrest through reentry. It brings together community stakeholders to examine resources, needs, current efforts, and gaps. The process promotes stakeholder collaboration to identify solutions to address gaps and issues across all intercept points. Director Michael Daniels and Deputy Director Melissa Pierson of the Office of Justice Policy and Programs provide an overview of Franklin County’s sequential intercept mapping process and its outcomes.

"The action plan looks across the continuum of the community and says, ‘What are we doing for diversion? What are we doing for treatment? What are we doing for prevention? What are we doing for harm reduction? What are we doing for education?’. . . .So it takes a much broader view. . . .It really does look at this entire addiction crisis as a public health issue and not a criminal justice issue."

—Michael Daniels, Director, Office of Justice Policy and Programs

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