PRO-ACT Video Series: Peer Support Programs in Southeast Pennsylvania

How Important Is It?
Sharing Lived Experience and Hope

Certified recovery specialists (CRSs) share their lived experience of recovery and inspire hope for change. They meet people where they are—literally and figuratively—and motivate change through self-disclosure, help others to navigate resources, and address a host of other services and tasks.

In this segment, the PRO-ACT CRSs explain what they do and why.

"They call CRSs resource brokers, so our main thing is just to meet an individual where they’re at. Go with them with no judgment, no stigma—just the sincere desire to help and then provide the resources that we’ve accumulated over the years."

—Brian Kaye, Certified Recovery Specialist, PRO-ACT, BCARES Program, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

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