PRO-ACT Video Series: Peer Support Programs in Southeast Pennsylvania

Can I See Myself Here?
Building a New Life at Recovery Community Centers

Successfully completing a treatment or diversion program is an important first step for many individuals with substance use disorders. But what happens next? As highlighted by a PRO-ACT CRS: “I know that you can get clean, but if you are like me, you don’t know how to stay clean. So I explain to them that using the services of PRO-ACT can help that ‘staying clean’ process.”

At the PRO-ACT Recovery Community Centers (RCCs), individuals find answers to their questions. Relationships with CRSs are extended and deepened, and relationships are formed with other peers as participants learn new strategies for living a life in recovery.

This final segment explores the Philadelphia RCC, the Southern Bucks RCC (Bucks County), and the Montgomery County RCC—places where individuals can build and strengthen a new life in recovery.

"I gained a lot of self-respect. I gained a lot of self-love. I gained a lot of trust. I gained a lot of teamwork and cooperation with other positive people that are on the same path as myself."

—Naim Shakir, Peer

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