PRO-ACT Video Series: Peer Support Programs in Southeast Pennsylvania

What Is Possible?
Working With Recovery-Oriented Partners

Recovery is central to the mission of The Council; PRO-ACT is a key vehicle by which that mission is achieved. Recovery is not only an individual process: it happens within systems of care that are recovery-oriented and in communities that are recovery-rich.

Community partners and stakeholders set a context in which personal recovery can happen. The greater understanding of recovery—and the role that peer recovery support services (PRSS) can play in that process—the better the chances for a successful PRSS program.

This segment describes how the recovery-oriented philosophies of PRO-ACT and the support of key partners have implemented and mobilized to address opioid use disorders (and other substances of misuse) and additional complex, unmet health needs.

"There is a power in someone with lived experience saying, ‘I have been where you are, and I can see a future that is a little different than where you are today. I’d like to invite you to help see it too.’ There is a power in that that I think can be transformational."

—Jennifer King, M.A., CFRE; Executive Director, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania

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