Raising the Bar With Collaboration: Using Cross Training and Collaboration for Integrated Systems Change

The BJA/OVC National Stakeholder Partnership (NSP) Product Showcase and Collaboration Series includes three 2-hour meetings during which participants:

  • Meet the National Stakeholder Partners and learn about them/their work
  • Experience an exhibit of publications and webinars developed by the NSP member organizations and get a sneak peek of products under development
  • Learn about the intersection of the products and current efforts within the context of the BJA/OVC opioid and broader substance abuse initiatives, including  opportunities for advanced cross-disciplinary work
  • Lend your voice to a critical dialogue with the NSP members to identify opportunities to utilize the NSP products towards improved outcomes for children, youth,  and families
  • Explore lessons learned and remaining challenges/questions in the field related to the identified focus areas

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