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FY 2022 Improving Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Outcomes for Adults in Reentry Closed:
Application JustGrants Closed:

BJA is seeking applications to implement or expand systems approaches that improve outcomes for adults with substance use disorders who are reentering communities following a period of incarceration. The expectation is that corrections systems will develop or refine a trauma-informed standardized screening process for all individuals detained or incarcerated to identify individuals with SUDs, along with co-occurring mental health disorders, and address underlying trauma. Corrections systems will also conduct assessments of those that screen positive for SUDs and apply the results, along with the results of criminogenic risk and needs and other assessments, to comprehensive case management that places individuals on a path to treatment and recovery.

The expectation is that noncorrectional applicants will work collaboratively with correctional agencies to support the delivery of pre- and post-release services through case management and the provision of evidence-based substance use disorder treatment and recovery support services.

Participants are expected to be screened, assessed, and identified for substance use disorder treatment and recovery programming prerelease. During the post-release phase of the reentry program, participants will receive case management services and be connected to evidence-based substance use disorder treatment and recovery support services designed to assist in the transition from prison or jail to the community. Where feasible, case management services and evidence-based programming, including use of MAT, should begin during the prerelease phase.

All grantees are supported by training and technical assistance (TTA) providers with expertise in evidence-based programming for populations in the criminal justice system with SUDs. Grantees will also have access to resources and TTA opportunities available through the National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC). TTA providers will provide individualized coaching to grantees to support them in planning, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining grants.

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