Funding Opportunity

Overdose Data to Action: Limiting Overdose Through Collaborative Actions in Localities


This Notice of Funding Opportunities has three components:

  • Component A: Core Prevention and Surveillance Strategies (required)
  • Component B: Drug Product and/or Paraphernalia Testing (optional)
  • Component C: Linkage to and Retention in Care Surveillance (optional)

Within the five years, recipients will:

  • Decrease nonfatal and fatal drug overdoses, overall and especially among disproportionately affected and underserved populations, with a primary focus on overdoses involving opioids and/or stimulants, including polysubstance use.
  • Reduce health inequities related to overdose by closing gaps in access to care and services.
  • Integrate harm reduction strategies and principles.
  • Improve linkage to and re-engagement and retention in services, care, treatment, and recovery, focused on opioid use disorder (OUD) and stimulant use disorder (StUD).
  • Build overdose surveillance infrastructure.
  • Track and address emerging drug threats.
  • Track linkage to and retention in care.

Up to 40 recipients will be funded to conduct activities under Component A. Among those 40, up to 20 will be funded for Component B and up to 20 will be funded for Component C.

For More Information:

Visit CDC’s OD2A funding announcement webpage to access funding opportunities, webinar links and meeting passcodes, archived materials, and frequently asked questions.

If there are additional questions related to a specific Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFO) announcement, please email for local NOFO inquiries or for state NOFO inquiries.

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